Well-trained and qualified staff is the key to the success of any enterprise. Frequently, to find an ideal candidate, the company decides to explore not only the local, but also the European market. In response to this trend, we have created CRAFTERS & MORE. Our company provides:

  • recruitment and employment agency service for companies based in Germany and Austria.  We focus on employees from Hungary, Romania, Poland and Slovakia. We are also working on extending our service onto the Ukraine and Belarus.
  • different types of training and improvement. Our portfolio includes not only specially designed language courses (e.g. German courses), but also personal and technical trainings in different fields (such as production, warehousing, quality control, work management). The courses are provided by recognised and accredited educational centres from Austria and Germany. The classes are offered in a modern digital form, as well as traditional attendance-based lectures.




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Contact form


Štefánikova 7
81106 Bratislava


Phone: +421 914 229 500
Email: office[at]craftersandmore.com
Web: www.craftersandmore.com